A Series of 13 Monotypes
“I carry at least one, sometimes three, sketchbooks with me at all times.  It began over a decade ago as a way to make art even on the days I work, traveling on subway and bus, observing ambiguous conglomerations of people. These sketchbooks consist of a mixture of observational drawings as well as invented scenes. This series of monotypes allowed me to build new scenarios from multiple drawings and to revisit the emotional tenor of a moment-- to emphasize a particular quality and then to reapproach the "ghost" to bring out something else -- gesture, light, line, atmosphere or emotion.” -Mala Iqbal, 2023

10 Grand Press

In 1999, Master Printer Marina Ancona founded 10 Grand Press, an independent print shop, in a former sewing factory in Brooklyn, New York. Since then Ancona has worked with numerous artists to create original works on paper and explore new possibilities for printmaking. In 2004, she moved the Brooklyn shop to its current location, a renovated brewery originally built in 1880. Ancona expanded 10 Grand Press again in 2005 with an additional location in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both shops offer a range of printing processes and techniques, including intaglio, monotype, paper lithography, relief printing, solar plates, and stencils.